For 2019 season, the programme and rules of engagement are outlined below:


  • Kent Lions
  • Lion Herts
  • London & Essex
  • W&RR & Surrey

The Competition runs from March to August 2019 as set out below:

Match Fixtures


Event Name Monthly Fixtures (HomeTeam*)
9th March County League Lion Herts* vs Kent Lions
W&RR Surrey Dragons* vs London & Essex
13th April County League Lion Herts vs Kent Lions*
W&RR Surrey Dragons vs London & Essex*
18th May County League London & Essex* vs Lion Herts W&RR Surrey Dragons* vs Kent Lions
8th June County League London & Essex vs Lion Herts* W&RR Surrey Dragons vs Kent Lions*
27th July County League W&RR Surrey Dragons vs Lion Herts* London & Essex vs Kent Lions*
17th August County League W&RR Surrey Dragons* vs Lion Herts London & Essex* vs Kent Lions
  1. Team Members: There will be 4 (four) county teams this season. Each team will consist of a minimum of 5 duly registered players and no maximum as nominated by the respective county captains.  Members can register with the any county of their choice to take part in the league.
  2. Registration:  A duly registered member is one that has paid their 2019 annual membership (£100) as well as County league (£10) participation fee.  Members should register their interest and pay the participation fee through their respective County League captains who should also collect and remit these fees into NUGA account on or before the 28th of February 2019.  For players not duly registered by 28th February 2019, a late participation fee of £15.00 applies.  A player registered after 28th February 2019 must have been duly registered at least 2 weeks before being allowed to play in the county league.
  3. Each county must appoint its own captain and the county captains must inform the Competition Secretary of their starting pool of players on  or before 1st March 2019.
  4. County teams can add players during the season provided they are duly registered members, have paid the participation fee for the county league, and if registered after 28th February 2019, have been so registered for at least 2 weeks before being eligible to play.
  5. A player cannot transfer from one county team to another team within the same year.
  6. Each team member must pay relevant participation fee or will not be allowed to participate in the league. If he/she plays a match, that match will be deemed as lost.
  7. 90% of all monies collected as participation fee for this league will go to the nominated charity of the winning team at the end of the season.  The teams will announce their chosen charity at the beginning of the season and not later than 30th April 2019
  8. Results and League Table: Results and league table will be updated and published monthly.



Match Format:

  1. Each County is responsible for choosing its Captain and must inform the Competitions Secretary before the beginning of the season on 1st March 2019.
  2. All matches are based on players available to the captains but must be at least 5 members.  A minimum of 5 nominated players from 2 teams will play each other on a monthly basis as per the league fixtures provided by the competition secretary at the beginning of the season. (See below).  Captains are encouraged to field larger match-play teams if people are available. However, this defaults to any 5 nominated players immediately without referring to the competition secretary if both captains disagree or one team is unable to provide more than 5 players.
  3. If a team is unable to field the required minimum of players, the match can still go ahead if the opposing captain agrees but the team with fewer members have already lost matches equal to the number of missing/absent players.
  4. Captain’s Role: Every county team captain is allowed to have a pool of players (plus himself) at his/her disposal for every match on a monthly basis and players nomination are the captains’ decision & responsibility.
  5. However, to prevent any delays or arguments if one team cannot provide enough players to match the other (i.e. at least 5 players), and if the opposing captain agrees, the game can still proceed.  However, the team fielding less players than the base number of 5 automatically losses the number of matches equal to absent players.  (That is if a team can only field 4 players, it has lost 1 match before the game starts, 3 players fielded means 2 matches lost, 2 players fielded means 3 matches lost and one player fielded means 4 matches lost.)  If the opposing captain refuses, such team (fielding less players than 5) forfeits the match and will be walked over conceding 3 points (to the opposing side that presents 5 players) and losing 5 – 0.
  6. Captains must inform each other of their nominated players at least 48 hours (2 days) before every match including any reserve players. Reserve players may not be listed in the nominated list but can be called up at anytime as replacement for nominated players.
  7. Default format is a doubles four ball match play except there are odd number of players where one of the matches will then be singles match play.  An overall win is 3 points to the winning team, 1 point is awarded to each team in a drawn game whilst a team that losses its game gets NIL point.
  8. Captains should reconfirm their team a day before the match. If a player named cannot make it then he/she can be replaced by one of the reserve players in the team. If he is present at the match venue, he/she must play for his/her team.
  9.  Order of play will be drawn on the match day by both captains I.e. captains exchange team list and play is in order on their team list. The first two players of each team play against each other etc.
  10. A team will not suffer any penalties if one of its players withdraws at the last minute provided it can still field the minimum base number of players (i.e. 5).
  11.  On match day, all matches must start in accordance with the order of play.  Any late arrival will join their match on the next available tee.


  1. Matches must be played on fixture dates. The Home team captains must provide the venue to the away team 2 weeks before the match.  If for any reason the match cannot be played on the fixture date the team that cannot make it forfeits the match & concedes 3 available points.
  2. If match cannot be played due to bad weather or other acts outside the captains/members control,  captains can agree to play on a later date fixed by the competitions secretary to be played before the next fixture. If both captains are not able to play the rescheduled match then the team that does not comply forfeits the match & concedes 3 available points.
  3. Merged County’s can agree to share their home fixtures.
  4. The team that is unable to field a minimum of 5 players or play the match within the fixture dates will concede the 3 available points subject to flexibility earlier mentioned 3.3 and 3.7 above.
  5. All golf rules are in play
  6. Match results will be based on match play “Four Ball Better Ball” or “Single” formats as applicable.
  7. 7/8 handicap allowance is applicable in this event for this season.
  8. All matches must end on the 18th hole.
  9. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw (where match is all square)  and no point for a loss.
  10. In the event of a tie at the end of the season, the best team on a HEAD TO HEAD Comparison will be deemed the winner. E.g. If teams A & B both have 10 points the winner will be the team that has the better points based on the matches they played against each other. If that is still a tie then a play-off match will be the decider.   If the match is still not decided on the 18th hole then it goes to sudden death play-off.


  1. Green fees for the matches are capped at £35, in the event of higher fees the home team must subsidise their quests.
  2. The winning team will retain the Claret Jug for one year and county name engraved on the bottom. This cup will be retained and presented the following season to the next winning team.NB: Rules of match play can be found at

LION HERTS wins the 2017 NUGA County League Trophy

Happy new golfing year to all our esteemed members and a big congratulations to Lion Herts, the undisputed winner of 2017 County League.  Please see the final County League table below.


 Team P W D L F A Diff PTS
Lion Herts 8 6 0 2 15 9 6 18
Surrey Dragons 9 4 4 1 13.5 10.5 3 16
London Club 9 3 2 4 13 10 3 11
Kent Lions 10 2 5 3 12 13 -1 11
White & Red Roses 6 2 2 2 6.5 7.5 -1 8
Essex Warriors 8 1 1 6 5 15 -10 4


Caption: Charles Ajani (representing Lion Herts) receiving the County League Trophy from Former Captain Toju Ogbe